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Welcome to the Lost Pines Community Board!

Mayor Hombolt would like to welcome you to the Lost Pines Community Board. Here residents of Lost Pines can communicate with each other. Post local events, casual conversations, questions about the area - anything that strikes your fancy.

Just keep it clean, folks!

--Mayor Cecil T. Hombolt

New Years at the Devil

If drinking non alcoholic punch with the knitting circle and the Historical Society ain't your thing, you can come on down to Jersey Devil's Bar and Grill for a real party!

Drink specials all night, and the girls are all decked out for the New Year.

And a lot of good things... and I do mean GOOD things... are TWO FOR ONE! That's right, get two for the price of one down at Jersey Devil's.

Mention this here post you saw on the board, and you'll get a free noisemaker and hat, too.


New Years Eve at the Community Center

Hey folks,

Just a reminder that our annual New Years Eve dance at the Community Center will be happening from 8pm to 3 am tonight. Food, fun, and punch will be provided along with noisemakers and silly hats. Come ring in the New Year with friends and family.

To all the residents of Lost Pines, thank you for being a part of our community and we look forward to seeing you in 2007!

--Mayor Cecil T. Hombolt

... I'm on the internet! Agh!

...this thing is kind of freaking me out.

But I wanted to say happy new year to the residents of Lost Pines, and my friends in particular. You know who you are.

With 2007 approaching quickly, remember the traditions of the past - but look towards the future with hopeful eyes.


Historical Society Meeting Reminder

Tomorrow evening at the Community Center at 9 pm, sharp. This month's discussion topic is The Blue Hole.

Light refreshments will be served. New members always welcome.

--Amelia Grayson


Hey Lost Pines!

Is this thing on?

Hey.. trying to figure out how to post to the community board. It's me, Jess Niahn. You probably know me if you go to Jersey Devil's Bar and Grill. Shout out to all our customers (at least those who tip well!)

Tess- sorry to hear about your cat. I'll try to make it to the memorial service.

And oh my god, that's so sad about the Mathews baby!

Um.. so, what else do you do on this internet thing, anyhow? I guess that's all I've got to say. Someone leave me a comment, that'd be cool.


Special Sunday Collection

A special collection will be taken at mass this Sunday for the Mathews family. Kurt and Annie lost their daughter, Amanda Rose to sudden infant death syndrome this week. Please join us at church to pray for our neighbors and friends in their time of need, and to offer any financial contribution you can.

In light of this tragedy, the bake sale will be postponed until the 17th.

-- Pastor Redgrave

Precious Prince memorial service

As you doubtlessly know by now, my baby kitty was taken from me far too soon, eaten in the prime of his life by... well, some creature of the woods, no doubt. I'd like to remind all pet owners to keep their animals inside where it's safe, least your darling be taken from you like mine was.

I'd like to invite you all to the park this Saturday afternoon at 3 pm, where we'll be honoring the memory of Precious Prince. Oh, how he loved the great outdoors! Unfortunately, they didn't love him quite as well in the end.

Rest in peace, my furry baby.

PS: In life, Prince was a lot more gray and had bluer eyes - but I can't get my own pictures on this internet thing, so I found one that looks almost like him, only different.

-- Tess Handly

Bubba's Taxidermy and Internet Cafe

Let's face it. This internet thing ain't going away.

I don't understand it. You don't understand it. But you can use it, down at Bubba's Taxidermy and Internet Cafe!

Bring in this ad and you also get ten bucks off stuffing.

Bubba's - we stuff stuff so you don't have to!